Towards 2017: What’s in store for home design

In association with  by Janet Dunn As the new year approaches, our panel of experts predict the future of home design. Design trends that once took years to work their way around the globe now zoom across our radar with dazzling speed. This gives us almost instant access to an evolving melting pot of concepts to pore over and decide what we’d like to see in our homes – … read on

Mortgage hacks: 6 ways to make home loan approval a breeze

Buying property in Australia isn’t exactly easy. But with a bit of knowledge, a lot of determination and a dash of self discipline it’s certainly possible – and few would question whether it’s worth the trouble. One of the first hurdles on the road to being a homeowner (and perhaps one of the highest) is home loan approval. To make it easier for aspiring property buyers to … read on

Urban living takes a positive turn in New Zealand

In association with  by Simon Farrell-Green These urban dwellings show the upside to high-density living. New Zealand cities – most acutely in Auckland – are in the middle of a well-publicised housing crisis. Put simply, there aren’t enough houses to cope with the number of people who want to live there, causing prices to spiral out of control and putting home … read on

Imagining the home of the future

Technology pervades every part of our lives in 2017. According to the Moore’s Law this is just the beginning – they predict that information and computer technology will double in capability every 12 to 18 months in the near future. New and exciting technology such as Amazon’s Alexa – a voice activated smart home integration device – are already starting to make their way … read on

Clutter free living: A quick guide to organising your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The old saying is certainly true for most Australians and New Zealanders, who spend a lot of time in their kitchens – whether they’re dining together at the breakfast bar, or preparing dinner as a family. We know how important the kitchen is to your home, but we also know how easy it is for it to become a cluttered mess. Many of us have … read on

Find your style with these 6 bathroom renovations

In association with hipages Renovating your bathroom can be a daunting task but it’s well worth putting in the time and effort. There are so many things to consider within your budget from tiles, tapware, vanities, shower heads – the list goes on and on! Choose a layout and design that suits your lifestyle best. For a bit of inspiration to get you started, we’ve asked … read on

Shape up for autumn: The essentials of post-summer maintenance

This summer’s been a beauty. There’s been days when it’s been hot enough to fry an egg on a car bonnet, and barely a drop of rain has been seen in many parts of the country. But sadly the season’s come to an end, making way for the cooler climes of autumn. Now that you’re back from the beach it’s time to get your home ready for the seasonal changes – just a little work on … read on

4 absolute must-do’s when cleaning for your open home

To make sure your property attracts buyers instead of scaring them away, we’ve whipped up a list of the absolute must-dos when cleaning for your open home this summer. MOULD BE-GONE Mould is not only unsightly, but it’s unhealthy and unsafe too. Before you have people through your home it’s worth searching for any visual evidence of mould. As if you can spot it, chances are … read on

Autumn 2017’s hottest interior decor trends

Keeping your home’s interior decor up with current trends can be tough. Some of us are clearly trying to stay up to date, as during last year’s September quarter, we spent over $2billion on home alterations, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. To help out the trend chasers and those who are set to renovate soon, we’ve put together a list of the hottest … read on