Preparing your property for a winter sale

When’s the best time to sell your property? Most would say spring or summer, but data from Swinburne University of Technology has revealed that answer isn’t necessarily correct. In fact, the research suggests that if you sell your home in Sydney or Melbourne in early winter you may get as much as 2.3 to 3.2 per cent more for it. If you’re selling a $500,000 home, that could … read on

Stylish heating

Keep cosy this winter by making your home a respite from the cold. With so many different heating options to choose from, you won’t need to forgo style in your pursuit of warmth. As well as keeping you snug, fireplaces make for striking focal points. For a traditional wood fireplace, you can opt for open hearth, a metal insert (you’ll need a flue) or slow combustion. Slow … read on

Moving made easy

Make your next move with a little help. It’s a rare person who loves to move house. Most of us see it as a necessary evil in order to get to the fun part – creating a new home space to live in. Planning is the key to a smooth move, and the more you can get organised in advance the better. Here are our tips to keep you calm and carrying boxes. BOOK YOUR MOVE As soon as you … read on

The five most costly first home buyer mistakes

Like speaking your first words, graduating university or even retirement, buying your first home is a defining moment of your life and the start of a new and exciting adventure. Make sure your first steps into the great unknown are in the right direction by avoiding the following costly mistakes. OVEREXTENDING YOUR FINANCES Over the final three months of 2016, the average … read on

Renovating your bathroom? Here’s what you need to know

Is your bathroom looking a little dated? Does its colour scheme resemble something out of a low budget film from the seventies? If you answered yes, it’s definitely time to renovate. To help make sure you get your reno right the first time around, here’s our quick guide to the Australian bathroom renovation. THE TOTAL COST Before you begin your renovations, always decide … read on

Avoid these mistakes and your renovations will be a sure success

Australians love to renovate their homes. Data from the Australian Bureau of statistics reveals that it’s practically a national pastime – during the three months to September last year we as a nation spent well over $2billion making alterations and additions. That’s more than the GDPs of at least 20 small nations! Considering the fact that we’re spending the rough … read on

Towards 2017: What’s in store for home design

In association with  by Janet Dunn As the new year approaches, our panel of experts predict the future of home design. Design trends that once took years to work their way around the globe now zoom across our radar with dazzling speed. This gives us almost instant access to an evolving melting pot of concepts to pore over and decide what we’d like to see in our homes – … read on

Mortgage hacks: 6 ways to make home loan approval a breeze

Buying property in Australia isn’t exactly easy. But with a bit of knowledge, a lot of determination and a dash of self discipline it’s certainly possible – and few would question whether it’s worth the trouble. One of the first hurdles on the road to being a homeowner (and perhaps one of the highest) is home loan approval. To make it easier for aspiring property buyers to … read on