4 apartment decorating tips to make the most out of a small space

By Matthew Ferraro

More and more of us are living in apartments these days. And although unit-life has its perks, there are certainly a few challenges involved in living in a smaller space, particularly when it comes to interior design.

We’ve whipped up four easy apartment design tips to make sure you can make the most of your abode – no matter how small.

Perceived space is just as important as actual space in an apartment.


Perceived space is just as important as actual space in an apartment. Instead of filling a room with blocky, standing storage, why not install hanging or floating shelves? They’ll take up a similar amount of room, but your rooms will appear larger with less clutter on the floor.

The same goes for your TV. Don’t just plonk it on a chunky cabinet, wall mount it to save space and keep the floor of your apartment clutter free.

Floating storage offers clean lines and functional storage solution


There may be limited space to make an impression in an apartment so use every inch that you’ve got, including your ceilings and walls. Consider using feature lighting to add personality to rooms, whether it’s an understated chandelier or a coloured lantern.

Tasteful artwork will add a touch of character, while mirrors large wall mounted mirrors will make the space seem larger. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Floor, to ceiling use the entire width and height of the room for maximum effect


Apartments can sometimes feel mass produced and charmless. Add a bit of drama and whimsy to your apartment by including unique features of your own. Whether you change your stock curtains and replace them with something more colourful include a bright feature wall, or use quirky boutique furnishings – it’s up to you.

It’s hard to go wrong with anything that adds much-needed personality and colour to your living space.

Mix complimenting bold art and textures with the main palette of your room for depth


Nothing will make a room feel small and unwelcoming better than shadowy darkness so pay special attention to your apartment’s lighting. Use soft and warm lights in the ceiling, and layer your lighting by including floor and table lamps.That way you can customise your room’s light to the occasion and the mood.

Just because you’re living in an apartment it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a striking and beautiful interior decor. With a little creativity you can fit big design ideas into a small space.

Embrace the natural function of your space and highlight with strategically placed lighting

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