Top tips to keep your pets cool this summer

Summer is by the favourite season of the year and during those hot days, we all like to try and keep cool including our pets.

Here are some top tips on how you can keep your pets safe and cool from the summer heat.

How hot weather can affect pets

Believe it or not but cats and dogs can also get sunburn despite the fact they have fur.

Just like humans, pets can also suffer from heat stroke or heat stress.

The heat can even be life threatening especially if the conditions are just right.

Dogs can suffer from heat stroke easily because they only perspire from their noses and paws.

Make sure you check for warning signs and symptoms among dogs such as excessive panting or saliva, high body temperature and gums turning blueish purple or red.

Try these tips on how to reduce the risk of heat stroke in your pets:

  • Good ventilation so they don’t overheat (i.e. cool floors and an overhead fan)
  • Plenty of water and extra bowls
  • Lots of shade (like a verandah, garage or shady trees)

You shouldn’t leave your dogs in confined spaces such as kennels or a car on a hot summer day. Avoid physical activities such as walking during the warmest parts of the day.

How to keep your pets cool

  • Swims at the beach or in a shallow paddle pool
  • Turn on the air conditioner at home if you have access to one or take your pet to a relative who has air con.
  • Give your dog frozen treats such as dog friendly ice blocks, frozen peas or blueberries
  • Spray your pet with a spray bottle to keep them cool
  • Putting out a damp towel for your pet to lie on
  • Leaving your pets indoor with the blinds drawn and the windows shut

Pets Health

Insects are more prone to come out during the warm summer months and RSPCA recommends you keep up to the date with your pet’s flea and fly treatment.

You can also treat your pets for ticks and check for them daily.

Keep up to the date with your dog’s vaccinations for parvovirus as these are more common in summer.

Pet and Sun Safety

Always make sure your pets have easy access to shady areas, plenty of water, frozen treats and sun protection.

Be aware of any dangers such as dogs can easily drown in swimming pools if they can’t find a way out.