Michelle Gomes

Executive Assistant to Amanda Bonnici

Michelle Gomes, youngest daughter of a respected Portuguese family brings to the team and the industry a young, enthusiastic and positive energy.
Whilst other children were out playing and having fun, Michelle at 15, decided it was time to work and get a head start while continuing her studies. Now in her early thirties and with plenty of life experiences and with years of sales experience and training, Michelle has finally taken the advice of her friends and family and settled on her career of preference.
Over the years, work opportunities have taken her away from family and home in Warrawong, but Michelle believes every life experience has a meaning and a lesson from which you can then self improve your outlook and attitude.
Michelle Gomes has set her sights on obtaining the knowledge and experience in the Real Estate Industry from reading books, studying media sources, complying with the Office of Fair Trading guidelines, completing an intense training workshop focused on real estate practices and ethics and most importantly, keeping herself up to date with changes in the market to ensure she is able to give her clients the most current and professional service available.
With her dedication and positive outlook towards buyers, sellers and the real estate process, people who are entering the market at any level can rest assured they will be served by employing the services of Michelle Gomes.
Michelle Gomes convida as pessoas portuguesas para telefonar a ela se quizer saber alguma informacao soubre vender ou comprar casa.
To speak to Michelle regarding all of your real estate needs, phone her on 0457 088 911 or drop into the office for a coffee and a chat.

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